“People come in all different shades, shapes, and sizes… so should their events.”

Spectra is the CEO of socially-conscious event planning and production company, Spectra Events, and an event organizer with five years experience producing a wide array of innovative event concepts for the artists, social change agents, and young professionals of Greater Boston.

Spectra’s events are a confluence of her eclectic interests in the Performance Arts, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Social Change, providing the multiple platforms from which she offers consulting services to local non-profits and grassroots organizations in the areas of strategic events outreach, sustainable diversity, social media engagement, and organizational development.

This introverted socialite is also an award-winning activist (honored in 2010 by Fenway Health and the History Project for her work with women and the LGBT community) and a frequent speaker at conferences, universities, and political forums all along the east coast. She is an avid blogger about all things women, diversity, global human rights, and leadership; you can follow her work at www.spectraspeaks.com or on Twitter @spectrasevents


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