RENAISSANCE — The LATINA Edition was TWO weeks ago, so this note is long overdue!

We hosted three different events in October and were naturally exhausted right afterwards. Recuperation was so key. But now we’re back, and better late than never, right? :)

Wow. We are beyond grateful for all who participated in RENAISSANCE — The LATINA Edition was epic!  It was truly a sofrito of the senses, a sancocho for the soul.  Wednesday felt like home for many of us.  We’d hoped to share a night in celebration of all things “Latina” and  women knowing spaces like these are so few and far between.  The end result was so much more than we’d hoped. We will never be able to capture the feeling in words. Thank you for the love, the mix of nostalgic old school with fierce new school, for your smiling faces, for the dancing (oh the dancing!) and for your through the roof energy.  WEEEEEEEPAAA!

And now a special request… Continued feedback from you helps us maintain (and better negotiate) our residencies at Boston venues so that we can keep bringing you quality, innovative, and socially-conscious events each season.  Your words matter to us… especially when they’re said in public!

So, please leave a comment below letting us know how you felt about RENAISSANCE — The Latina Edition, whether as a performer, an attendee, a volunteer.

What was the vibe like? Have you attended similar events to the LATINA Edition before? What was your favorite part about the performances? What aspects of Spectra Events (if you’re a regular) keep you coming back? What’s unique about the spaces we create? Don’t hold back — thank you in advance for your support!

4 Responses to Mil Gracias! What Did You Think of Renaissance — The LATINA Edition?

  1. Idalia Poetry says:

    Tremedo evento! I had a BLAST at Latina RENAISSANCE. The turnout was great, the vibe from the crowd was so positive , the show overall was well organized and the caliber of the other performers was something I was humbled and grateful to be a part of. This was the first time I've been able to perform at an event geared towards Latinas (not to mention one that celebrates ALL of the women in our community).

    I walked in thinking I would be performing and offering something to the crowd, but I left feeling surprised by what I got back from this event … how much I needed this kind of space that was fun and welcoming and affirming of all parts of my identity. Thank you for a great time! I can't wait to do it again :)

  2. Sarahi says:

    As a performer, it was my best onstage to date. I think what my work brings is simply, connection. The ability for our community to come together to celebrate our truth. With this in mind, this connection wouldn’t be available with events like this because the reality is these spaces are few and far between.

    Overall, from the invitation to the goodbye hugs, you as hosts have been nothing short of amazing. I know the time, energy and dedication to make this happen and respect your work ethic.

    I am honored to perform in your space. That feels less like space and more like community.

  3. Sarahi says:

    With this in mind, this connection wouldn’t be available without events like this because the reality is, they are few and far between. **

  4. Celenia Toledo says:

    It was a total pleasure for me to perform at the first ever Renaissance the Latina Edition along side such talented LBT women. The show was rich with culturally moving expression and thought and presented a nice slice of our community. Thank you for so gratiously hosting such a fabulous event. Look forward to more of the same in the future.

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